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A new type of eco-crematorium to reutilize our dead body back to nature.

The new eco-crematorium is a project which standing somewhere between the research possibility and the surreal vision. Leading us to question on the sensitive topics; “the modern funeral” and “the modern graveyard” in which how they have harshly affected the environment for a long time.

Not only, questions along with the modern funeral procedures, and body disposal processes. But will also try to change the perception of living people to their beloved dead persons. Both of memorialization and appreciate the poetics of death.

The new eco-crematorium integrated into the typical "empty" or "unbuilt space" of each city. Creating the new type of public space and serving as the eco-crematorium itself underground in parallel.

This prototype eco-crematorium is the place for reutilizing our dead body back to nature in different eco-methods.

Our life journey will be not ended once we died. This eco-crematorium will carry-on our life and soul into the new chapter in different actions. We will support all creatures and integrate back again as one with nature.

“Death is the final stage of our life... It is the last sustainability that we can contribute”.

Yan Phornphong



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