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Nuttacha Withayakas, Gamjanok Po Jaantathai,Kittiphan Intanon


Thai lifestyle has had a deep bond with river for a long time because the river was the center of

Thai people's way of life and culture. It was a starting point for economic, trade, cultural and traditional

trade to lead the prosperity of the country. This design guideline of the sky-high riverbank reflected that

there are vivacious and mirthful of people living on the banks of the canal. Even the era had changed,

waterways in the past have been changed to land or roads today but the composition of emotions and

feelings still has the same. Especially in Chatuchak district is suitable to convey the feeling of being a

large roaming hub due to people go to work during working days and frequently come to relax in the

leisure time in the holiday. This design guideline of the sky-high riverbank will increase the activity area,

reduce traffic congestion because the area of ​​Chatuchak is quite limited and be difficult to extend and

reduce pollution. It will link all the main routes to each other for the Vibhavadee Phaholyothin road, along

the existing Vibhavadi Expressway connected to the BTS Sky Train platform as many canals as all the

lines converge at one point being the station. There may be a bicycle rental business to run or walk, have a

activity area and concert hall which can cooperate with both the public and private sectors to organize

activities. This design guideline of the sky-high riverbank aims to be a new roaming space that provides

both convenience, happiness, environmental friendliness and prosperity together.


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