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Kongdet Wanchring, Panas Radomkit ,Chalinan Manoprasertkul,Nutthawut Meesupthong, Phum Burana ,Thanatorn Namsrithan


Vernacular Architecture is an architecture which generated from basic instincts and individual supported the users.

Vernacular Architecture in Thailand usually being overlooked by the capitalism that dramatically increased in these days.

“Tenements” have become very common from the growing economy which indicates prosperity levels in each areas, And somehow could be define as a vernacular architecture of the urban society. But the need of quantity is increasing with the lower cost which also cause the lower quality .

Our project is to create an area that meets the demands of urban society users lifestyles while aware of costs, quality and individual customization by using 4 spans of 4x4 meter stacked up steel frame structure combine with prefabrication, using steel clamp and bolts to connect with the main structures which supported the main idea for user to custom their own space in 2 spans and the basic function remain in another 2 span for each users to reclaim the identity and lifestyles.


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