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Monika Zoksimovska , Elena Asprovska


The development of the vernacular architecture in Macedonia went trough centuries under the influence of different natural, social, economic factors and brought outstanding creations showing diversity of styles, forms and decorations. In creative sense of conception of all the aesthetic, traditional and local factors, in correlation with the skill and activity of the Macedonian master-masons this architecture has reached its peak in the 19th century. It affected the urban planning of the cities and completed the archaic city skyline, still living in some cities.

Going through variety of styles, construction methods and plans, we found something that stood loud and clear as a rule in all of them. The human.

Well it might seem logical, understandable and as it should be. But we now usually forget it, while Macedonian builders didn't. They had studied every dimensions from the human body, connected with its function, and reflected in the houses they live in. That resulted with mathematical equations, schemes and grids of dimensions, where the human body fit in perfectly. Creating spaces having those rules where human felt like belonging, was quite easy and simple.

Macedonian builders, because of lack of knowledge of construction, architecture and composition, started from themselves. They let the human shape their architecture, and create their towns. Resulting with perfect harmony, composition and feeling of belonging.

Receiving approval of how well our builders did, was the one they received from Le Corbusier.

His stay in Macedonia has influenced his open space plan, construction schemes, and mostly, his modulor. The one very similar macedonian builders used for their vernacular houses.

Becoming to the end of this, we can only ask ourselves, how come our vernacular houses could be an inspiration for one of the greatest architects of all time, and are forgotten by us.

In our Back to Basics, we tried to get to the bottom of the rules and postulates our builders used, using some examples very present in our town.

The final result is a set of rules, advi


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