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Janejira Hu Sira Temjai


In the past. Thailand is a country of agricultural living, that a house is attached to a plot of farming land in the way that residential be one with a career area, which is known as a “Vernacular Living”. Everyone all rely on each other and give a helping hand for common public area. Then, the living cultural began to change as a society in the city, the road were built instead their public space. The household is necessary to raise and release the lower floors as commercial area (Shop houses). Currently the city is defined by infrastructure, everyone aim to use utilities so increased the high density and pollution. The rapidly growing city could not accommodate or responding to certain people such as the poor and elderly. Then , we seek how vernacular living can solve the problem to create the real sustainable city. Siam Square is a place of outdoor department store in case of shop house. This is the place where is the one of the most obvious era transition in Bangkok. We choose this site to adjust the new layout for a prototype model in terms of sustainable city, by inserting the elderly co-housing on the upstairs of the shop house that have been abandoned include the two generation together to create the occurrence of self-reliance.


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