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Sathaphon Ontongin


1. From population density, the solution to solve this problem by building a gigantic PUBLIC SPACE to the city with a new landscape architecture, making people who stay in each building able to greet each other.

With the physical of big city, the group of tall building in city have gaps between each building, those gaps are possibly to be an area to solve the high density problem in big city that always have high population but low area.

1.1 Conceptual Metaphor use (Space + Building), like a chair, an area that we use every day. The building is compare to the leg of the chair, support user’s weight. The public space (platform) is top of the chair, that allow everyone to use space together as the concept.

2. THE CHAIR( SHARE ) By using some principle of Vernacular Architecture, in local village usually have a public space for example public ground of village for everyone to do activity together.

3.basic pattern of vernacular

Balcony and terrace is one of important area of local house in Asia(Tropical), terrace is an good area for rest, villager also use this area to be living area and do some activity in day.

Ornament of battens, using wood as simple as possible. In Southeast Asia, people use wood to make floor. But in Western will use it to be façade.

4. INTRO chair is furniture that we use every day, working, reading a book, sitting, using as stair or even use as bed (sometime). So chair is use more than a chair. Everyone have a connection to it and spend their time 8 hours each day, in one day have 24 hours, then we use 1/3 in entire life on chair. So it is one of our body that we use by common sense.


THE CHAIR (SHARE) coming from problem of high population density, people transportation both by foot and public transport. The design that solve the problem by having a function that can rest, reading a book or take a nap on THE CHAIR.


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