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Narinrath Boonsawat , Suvijak Upatising


Talking about Vernacular Architecture.

It is a functionalistic and simple design house made from local materials and designed in accordance with a community’s culture and the physical and climatic conditions of the community. Tropical vegetables and herbs are planted around house. The yard are connected with neighboring without fence or hedge.

Apart from the elements of traditional architecture – such as roofs, walls, screens, openings and floors, this kind of architecture also a reflection of lifestyle and social context that change from time to time and adapted to local tropical climate of Thailand.

Vernacular with High Density Living.

Located in a high density area, surrounded by Sky Train and Express Way, the semi outdoor shared commons space of Vernacular house has been transformed to the vertical design living due to the limitation of space. Each room has been positioned separately around the open gathering space or charn.

The general idea is the space that able to fulfill different group of communities in this project. This communal space is a multi-purpose area where occupants can use for relaxing, dining and interacting with each other and even gardening by using vertical vegetable garden.

To take advantage of a lake scenery at the back of building, the space on the first floor have been shifted up and place a large bench for the occupant to have a place to rest.

As nowadays, wood is not easy to find and use as a main construction material anymore; steel and polycarbonate have been replace while adapted on the pattern of vernacular design.

Main façade made of translucent polycarbonate sheet which is easier to find and more durable than wood. These also represent the adaptation of Vernacular Architecture to the current period.


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