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Dwi Hergiawan


The project based analysis of what is vernacular architecture. The key is local knowledge, including the way to construct and local material that use in many years and very common. Brick with many variation and concrete are the common material in modern area till the present time. The other things is local culture and habit. The last point would be different to original local culture due to the transformation culture in modern era that has already happen in many years, especially with the influence of digital era. People in Indonesia miss the living with neighborhood. Some of new building try to bring back this value to the architectural space. That is why those needs will be the value of new vernacular architecture. Beside that point, the flexibility space also could be a new culture of architecture. Because the available space become tight and the land price also getting higher.We create a space for community that could has more than one house on the land site with the modular and flexibility space strategy.


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