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Nachapon Rujirasopon Nattapon Hongthong Pongsatorn Phimnualsri


“Vernacular” in definition for us is mean how human live in an appropriate place with a resilient design that’d be able to live sustainable along with the environment. Process of becoming a vernacular is not just described only an architecture or physical elements but also included economics, social activities, communities and believes. Those major conditions changed, depends on where’s the location ? and when is it ? Nowadays we live in a modern world of 21st century, which drives by capitalism that produce a harmful effect to our world and environment. From our hands that caused many natural disasters. Such as global warming, out season storm, tsunami, wildlife extinction and major flood all over the world. By these situations It’d be in very near future that the nature will beat our mankind out. But the question is, how can we survive and live like we used to in those scenario ? or how we can adapt to live with it properly ? To answer these questions with question, we would like to invite everyone to Bangkok, Thailand in 2033, 15 years from now. From the global warming situation, Sea level has been rising up over the major part of the city, The scenario will show how process of becoming a vernacular took place in Bangkok’s context in terms of Dwelling, Economics, Transportation, Social and believes. And also invite you to think about how we can use our own innovation from the history and invent something new to fit our needs and requirements in the vernacular way.


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