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Khomchan Chotivora-Anan


River-Bridges-Community-Road-Housing :[ Baan-Chomchon-Thanon-Reuan]

The original relationship of the river, the bridge, the community, the road, the house, what we are looking for, it depends on what the definition of localism is. We create something new. If there is no available quality management.

Motivation is creation. The emergence of mutual help care. Keep the existing ones neat and clean. Because of the variations that occur because of people. Or use But lack of management. Cooperation There are even new stereotypes that have been re-created or redefined with new shapes. Or what we understand that the new shape. What is to be done is to ask what is the original or basic of the local. What we have is what we have what we are going to create something to keep it stable. Presentation is divided into two parts. The structural part of the city will stimulate thinking in the collective space. With the comma part of town or smaller area, the proposed approach is seen.

1. River (blue area): The feeling is not local to the image. But as love - the nails disappear, but before the relationship with the river, both drinking water help each other, but the current environment is still in the current shortage. The lack of a traditional relationship management system does not occur. Waterfront areas that use water as part of an activity streamline the river, creating a bridging bridge that coalesces through groundwater. Keep clean in the garbage in the water.

2. Bridges (formerly World Vision), or strengthen the work together as a whole. As a source of social creativity again.

3. Community: A community that tells the story of the community in the community, an important community for the promotion of ecotourism in Thailand.

4. Road: (Sala Bus) Traditional Trip Travel Trip Travel Trip Travel Use the swimming pool with amenities, facilities or facilities to use the Internet.

5. Housing: The living of the current family with more space has increased the number of families growing more and more in the same area.


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