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Chanachai Panichapattanakij , Hizkia Giovanni


This project is to provide a new interpolation of architecture attaching on the rooftop of the vernacular shophouses in Tha Prachan district of Bangkok. This intervention aims to solve the problem not just tidying up the ground surface which would not be sustainable way in the context of Bangkok city where the space occupation and built regulation are very flexible. But to provide a new space where people can escape from congestion and be able to use this space as an “Urban Acupuncture” to relieve stress of this area. The selected shophouses which is located next to the junction of Maharaj road near to Tha Prachan pier. The flat-slab-concrete rooftop of these shophouses has a potential to provide a new covered pedestrian on the rooftop and functions to serve people around that area not only for local people but also for university students from Thammasat and Silpakorn university nearby this area. Therefore, the functions on new rooftop intervention shall be varied and able to serve varied types of users. The space flows along the surface of the rooftop where is not completely flat from the extra level of some houses would make the space more dynamic and that movement of space is also expressed to the outside.


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