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Sahatat Yodsanti


This is a home for Thai people. And local Thai. By talking about the 21st century, the concept of space created to fill in the future. Inspired by the Thai native house in Ayutthaya period. The front yard for various uses. Combined with the present and future.

Using Thai terrains called Chan is a future connection. For the creation of future residents of the residents.

By building users living alone. Can be added to the future. In the beginning of the family.Also, dual users can expand the space. In the beginningAnd the users are family. Can be expanded at the start of a descendant.

The concept of free space for the future. Can be added to it. According to the needs of users to meet the current local architecture. This is a great way to meet the needs of people and society. The structure of the beam is extended to further fill the area in the future. The user can create only the front wall and floor if the need to add in the future. There are 3 types of users: 1. Single 2. Couple 3. Family


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