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Nattaphon Limsupawanich Pacharaphol Osotcharoenphon Nattan Jaruchawalit Chanta Charoen-Agsorn



In the past, “HAAN NAM” was the place where we put a drinking terra cotta pot with the dipper sticking on fences outside a house. A small roof is set over the pot, preventing it from sun light. Strangers who walk pass by the house can drink some water in that pot. That’s the reason, why ”HAAN NAM” represents the kindness of the owner of the house to the passer.

Nowadays, our society becomes more selfish. People care less about each other. Social interaction begins to fade away. Imagine how it will be, if Architecture in our community can bring liberality and kindness back to our life. Reintroduce generousness to the passerby like what “HAAN NAM” always did in the old days.

Functions, needs and behaviors of humans has been changed. Nobody drinks water from a terra cotta pot nowadays. Therefore “HAAN NAM” don’t have to be only a pot filled with water and sticks on fences. It may’ve been physically changed but the concept of giving and sharing still remains. Changing some personal space into public spaces that benefit others.

By Vexing and modifying physical utilities of “HAAN NAM”, it may still sticking on one side out of the house’s fences or vary from its traditional appearance to another, but its original intent remains the same.

The changes of every giver and receivers’ behavior influenced from the disturbances in its society and context. But the fences where these projects sticks to give others the sense of sharing and caring which exists in the past but was forgotten in the present.


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