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Sławomir Kopa


Dynamic facade

The design of the kinetic facade that show the elevations of historical buildings.

Idea: Many of us admire old buildings. They show the history of the city's architecture in the old days. The buildings rich in historical details are a monument of past times and historical architectural techniques.

The idea behind the project was to show historical architecture using modern technics. In the project, the historical façade is presented as a dynamic form changing its shape.

The project aim is to blur the boundary between what is understood as vernacular and contemporary.

The elevation of the building is made of sliding cubes changing their position creating a historical facade. Using of kinetic elevation allows showing many types of historical elevations on one building.

Location:The project was designed as an office building in Szczecin, a city where many historical buildings were destroyed during the Second World War. The object is placed between two historic building. The elevation of the building is predicted as a space for showing historic buildings destroyed in Szczecin during World War II which were never rebuilt.

The scheme of the kinetic facade: The kinetic facade is made of cubic blocks moving horizontally by using the hydraulic system.

In its basic shape, the facade maintains the simple form of the minimalistic flat surface. After loading the project of a historical facade, the cubic elements moves horizontally creating architectural details on elevation.


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