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Wasin Choksunthornphot Choksunthornphot


Accustomed Boundary

Located in Bang Kha Chao, the Lung of ฺBangkok, full of old-school traditions and lifestyle, The project ‘ aim to adapt traditional context of Thai culture; Vernacular Architecture, Ceremony and lifestyle to global context. The process starts from the site and ecological system to integrate architecture which adapt and fit perfectly to the site. Floating market is selected to represent life during the old days of Thailand, yet adapted to global context to create Modern Floating Market. The design also create modular structure that adapted from Thai architecture to improve and provide variations that adapt to changes, in term of functions and programmes to suit needs of users occasionally.

A series of elevated rectangular box sits above ground to minimize footprint and utilize the prefabrication in traditional Thai wood craftsmanship technique as the system to generate variations.The connectivity and interaction are very the key to promote adaptive architecture which create the relationship with local context; fruit farming, small number of population and canals, introducing a series of ecosystems to complete the cycle and adapt to local context.

The design is not just a space, but rather becomes a performative structure that introduce water filtration and rain harvesting system to serve the relationship between local life and architecture. The building’s roof features as Rain Harvester to collect rainwater at gutters which are attached to purlin throughout the building, forming a grid frame to distribute water for plant plot on purlins. When raining, rainwater is collected and transferred to Reed Bed which the Common Reed (ต้นอ้อเล็ก) encourages micro-organisms that digest the pollutants in sewage to colonies the area. After water treatment process, cleaned water will be collected at the Distribution Pond, additionally becoming a pool and water storage close to the building. Cleaned water from the distribution pound could be used other purposes, such as local fruit farming and etc.


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