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Kwanchanok Phonor


SAAN, The extraordinary spirits house

We’re currently living in a very modernized and innovative world, the use of advanced technology and modern building materials are common and rapidly expanded, from modern to contemporary, The evolution in Architecture is unstoppable. From locals houses to skyscraper buildings, the designs were influenced and changed as time goes by, but the Spirits houses. The Spirits House is the shelter for spirits. It represents our society where Buddhist philosophy blends with mysticism and superstitions. The Thais characteristics in mysticism and superstitions.

Though the building is the super up-to-date one, the vernacular spirit house remains immutably exactly the same as when it was invented. Additionally, with its distinguished vernacular looks, its special feature is that the spirits houses are significantly located everywhere alongside with the building in Thailand!, from traditional local houses to shopping malls, skyscrapers, or a very trendy modern design building. Virtually no building in Thailand is erected without an accompanying spirit house.

This new spirits house is made of transparent plastic. The design was simplified. It was left only the outline and conceptual form of the traditional spirits house, simply modern but can still got the Buddhist philosophy.

The transparent material was designed to be adaptive and adjustable. The transparency gives the modern way of seeing the spirits and the animistic practices within the spirits house. The house can be simply placed one or one can adjust it in their own way. In order to be adaptable in the modern world and for some individual beliefs in spirits, hopefully, I wish this spirits house would challenge people, question people in term of the stereotypes superstitions practices, In addition, this architecture for the spirits could possibly show the change in our society, how we were, how we are and will become.


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