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ASA-Com-120778119305 Architect , Tan Sih Pin , Tengku Ariff Riduan Bin Tengku Ahmad




Centuries ago, Minangkabau settlers from west Sumatra who made their new home at the state of Negeri Sembilan at Peninsular Malaysia, brought their style of architecture and unique 'adat pepatih' custom, a custom that favour the women.

The sweeping, multi-tiered “buffalo horn” architecture is the most distinguishing feature of the Minangkabau and was used prominently in the state's capital, Seremban.

During the colonial era, the British had also brought their tropic-colonial style verandah shop houses to Seremban. However these diverse vernacular architectures have never been married in a single building.


The proposed commercial building consists of a food court at ground floor & shops at the first floor. The site is located at Seremban 2, a modern planned satellite town of Seremban which features predominantly modern architecture. The site is surrounded by shops, restaurants, houses and a highway.


The design seeks to reconcile the imbalance between the culturally & historically unique Seremban and the modern but banal Seremban 2, which is completely devoided of traces of Minangkabau or colonial architecture. To avoid the direct mimicry, we extract & marry the Minangkabau & colonial shop houses architecture elements, with sense of contemporary relevance. We envisage this ‘Minangkabau-lonial’ hybrid providing cultural-depth to Seremban 2's modern way of life.

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