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Anna Bukowy Konstanty Mikołajczak


We guess there is nothing worse in designing than excessive paternalism. That is the effect of looking on people up front, from the viewpoint of god, thinking- "I know better and I will design your life". We decided to not take a step in this direction. But either in any other, creating another product ready for use by people. We took a step aback. We gave people a tool. The tool for creating process of designing investment of the vernacular building. That is a project of application/ website. Corresponsive in action, the digital tool is aimed at allow for self-reliant controlling formation of a building. Beggining from locating a plot, through finding an local architect, local materials, up to local craftsman. Including also possibility of corporate investing in case of for example co-housing. The essance of action is connecting all involved people (investor, architect, craftsman, city) in one collectivity, acting for common good (idea of sustainable development), it working in the idea of BIM. Additively, closing a process of rising the building in one medium is something really comfortable for the sake of organization and time. This designed tool puts investor, architect, craftsman as creators of a building, but most of all, the process on it's own, which is exactly vernacular architecture.


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