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Nutdanai Paisantuksin Chonnikan Samranjitchuen


Nowadays, the land we lived is continually decreasing due to Global warming which make our world have a lot of natural disaster such as flooding which bring about the idea of “If there is no land, how can we lived?” In Uthaithani, there is one raft house (Barn-ruen-pae) community along the Sakaekrung river which the river is their life, they live , work and earn a living from its for instance fishing, farming and selling. We think about hoe to make better living condition for them and for everyone if one day we have to living on the water. In our perspective, vernacular can be a process of constructing in stead of static element since the vernacular is architecture concerned with domestic and functional rather than monumental buildings which made by villagers in particular country, province , environment and region to match with their life and culture. Therefore, we try to build something that uncompleted but flexible to the user , it can change through the function and variety of used by building the boundaries of vernacular with the main factor which are structure , infrastructure and innovative involved. The architecture is provided the innovative floating system to make more efficiency , insulation roof and movable partition to protect from sunlight ,wind and rain and main structure to guide people for constructing their own vernacular. However, people will use local material which easy to find to construct , which we can see the new innovative floating architecture contrast with unique local element for each vernacular.


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