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Wattana Songpetchmongkol , Nadtanon Pongdee


Saphan Taksin bridge is built to connect two sides of Bangkok. Saphan Taksin skytrain station and the area under the bridge is the one of the famous transportation hub on Bangkok side of Chao Phraya

river. The popularity of the area under the bridge also extent to tourist destination, street food and even the pop-up gambling circle, occasionally.

The area under the Taksin bridge is the hub of four main transportation, ranging from BTS skytrain, motorcycle, bus stand, tuk-tuk, and more than twenty lines of boat shuttles on two adjacent piers. The circulation during the rushing hours is, above all, ridiculous, specially for the tourists who has to walk on the opposite direction, fighting with the big crowd who hurry for work, to get to the pier for sightseeing.

Moreover, the area, although belonged to the property of skytrain system whose station serving as the main transit of the hub, is not considered for proper development for better living being of the people who use the system. Up until the year 2018 the only proposed development plan is only focus on the station itself, hence the design intent of this project to focus of redefining, and possibly redesigning the space.

With the settlement of merchants grocery and commercial building, the area of Chareon Krung become all-day lively living space. With the coming of tourists attraction like Sathorn pier and the upcoming creative district, the area flourish even more.

The design intent of this project is to not only having the area under the Taksin bridge developed and possibly turned into the new landmark suitable for both passerby and local people in the area. The area, as of existing, is in the condition not-so-suitable to the current use and not at all potential to the upcoming use.


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