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Wirada Daengpiam


Architecture that reflects way of life. Reality of use is simple, straightforward, and consistent with the environment. Using self-understanding is full of wisdom from the people who really work. Construction methods are the conditions of the environment, the main factor and the use of wisdom. Each locality will have different characteristics. “Canal” has a relationship with Thai society from past to present.

The canal has importance decreases. If we try to roaming follow the canal, we will see the changes that will keep the traditional way of life. The raft of canal are filled with trees. Have children jumping on the bridge. This is a way of life that also has a canal. And when near community as mentioned to disappear.

The canal was adapted to use in the area. This results in a modification of the relationship decrease between the canal and the community. In addition, it is a waste collect and trees that are planted are not naturally occurring, result in dead trees. The real usage released to abandon. These images reflect many areas, and “khlong 6” is places I have seen since childhood. I have seen changes over the past 20 years, so I want to propose idea development of the watershed area to be the next example.


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