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Thanatcha Pojthaveekiat


One of the most well-known historical cities is Cairo city in Egypt which most of the element in traditional courtyard house derived from Islamic architecture. Normally, vernacular architecture in Cairo rarely extends more than three stories with the two-dimensional pattern of narrow openings due to high temperature and dust and sandstorm. Interior was separated with a thin wall and partitions which called Mashrabiya screen to divide levels of privacy because woman was allowed to live in more private space but men can be outside and lower floor, moreover, each room was built in the same form and same materials; limestone, sandstone, plaster, and wood, but different function depending on the level and location of the room.

Firstly, the aggregation located on Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatmi road in Cairo which is the national historical landmark. In previous day, the road is under control by the government that has been converted to be an open-air museum to conserve the historical places as an ecotourism, so the concept of aggregation is to be a transition between historical world and modern world through redesign geometric pattern, regenerating from two dimensional to three dimensions, and using prefabrication materials in historical elements for three different types of users; extended family, single family, and single person, by concerning about privacy levels. First of all, there are nine floors with nine different plans in this aggregation compounds so the overall structure was combined in a form of cantilever which is the muqarnas’s structure, however, when those plans were combined, a new pattern was noticeably seen in the site area.

Secondly, one set of residential will contain three distinct floor units (triplex) with different privacy from high to low and each triplex set will be staged on three-floor levels. Also, materials were changed to precast concrete with tint color in it for an easier method to construct.

To conclude, Islamic structure of each unit was scaled up and made of precast materials while the main structure is a cantilever from muqarnas’s


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