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Jarin Kanjanasorntong, จรินทร์ กาญจนศรทอง


Sanehpong is a village in Sangkha Buri district, Kanchanaburi, where located in Thungyai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary. There are Karen people who have lived there for a long time with their own culture and tradition until the present. Because of its location, located in valley that far from Sangkha Buri town. Therefore the village is lacked of opportunity to develop in many ways such as habitat, people and also education. Education is a kind of infrastructure which could support individual development then effect on society. But how could it be designed by realized the origins of culture. So Integrated cultural learning is a choice to be used in this community’s development.

From the study of integrated schools’ nature in this community found that there are basic school subjects about Keren’s knowledges and cultures, letting students experience by preparing their body, their feeling (mind), and their idea (wisdom) to be awaken, knowing themselves, facing any kind of situation outside well. Including life skills that could get along with the local cultures by using the learning process through psychoeducation activity and integrated learning in 8 main school subjects which focus on Problem Base Learning (PBL). For this reason, architecture is essential for learning. “Building is a teacher” where provides knowledge to students, designing with scientific knowledge makes phenomenon within the building. That could be felt-perception through sense and convert to learning with their experiences. The aim of design process is to support the conveniences by using natural resources worthy and reduce using the electric power. In addition, also considers the forms of teaching to be variety and consistent with the content of the course.


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