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Vannavong Sithammarath, Chanhsouk Tonxanaxai, Leekeng Thor , Xaysavath Sommany


Laos is a country with many rivers, therefore multiple dams have been built in order to produce electricity. On the other hand, dams can become a great sort of disturbance to an eco-system around the river, as it can cause usual changes in the water level. This issue has affected agricultural system and the life style of who live around there.

Our team have come up with a design proposal based on Koknin village, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR. This place is not only there have a lot of local buildings with farmers who's living there, but the most important thing is government have a plan to build a landslide protection here in coming 2019. .Therefore, we intend to improve the building's structure and rearrange the living grounds, in order to conserve the villager's authentic lifestyle and create a long-lasting community.


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