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Pongpol Puangniyom


Vernacular is not rely on time. it is depends on daily life of people. How people live in 300 years ago and nowaday, are completely different. For example, In the past, people usually worked in rice crop or farm, so they built small shelter to take care of their products. Today, people live in cities that there are a lot of skyscrapers. Therefore, the shelter for protect products is not necessary anymore. We rather need a shelter for waiting bus, space for take a break in the office, or square pier that you can enjoy riverside scenery. This project provide a conceptual thought about how we shape vernacular by using daily life as principle. Shelters with different shapes are created by their functions. Glitch color show shelters are designed by logical thinking without decorations. It is just happen in short time and thinking. It also happen without decorative purpose. This project will be narrated by Susan's(She is a common sketchup' s component) story-telling. The shelters will be shown following by Susan's routines.


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