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Chi Mai Lan



House is located in dense area with fast development. The surrounding buildings are typical “tube” houses. Land of house is 4.2m wide and 32m deep. It’s surrounded by 3neighbours with only onefree façade.

Goal of proposal was to create relaxed, comfortable, enjoyable space for 3 generation family. Main challenge was to create sufficient comfortable space for big family. House full of natural daylight and efficient cross ventilation.

Design is inspired by local vernacular ancient “shopping house”. These houses consist of shop area situated in front facade followed by common living area. Layoutis suitable to local climate with many courtyard openings to enable natural ventilation and daylight.

Based on local climate and Vietnamese culture, 3 main elements of concept are 1) courtyards, 2) daylight, 3) cross ventilation. Floor plan layout consists of shopping area in the first 2 floors and living area above. Living area has 2 zones. Private zone with bedrooms and common space with living room, dining room, multipurpose patio.

Main living area is one continuous open space with different levelling for each function to create attractive spatial layout. Bedrooms of children are placed above common space. Reason for this is to keep visual contact and involvement of kids in family activities even when they are in their rooms. This visual contact between floors is enabled through void openings. There are 4 skylights throughout the length of house. Natural daylight is delivered through skylights tomain living area and all the rooms. Under these skylights there are courtyards with greenery to create a relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to shifted back façade there is a gap between the neighbouring and our façade allowing natural air-flow throughout the house.

Thanks to these skylights, the house is full of daylight and indoor climate is comfortable even in summer time with high humidity in such a long tube house.


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