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Chawapol Watcharasukarn Prapatsorn Sukkaset



Long time ago, “Vernacular architecture” is an architectural style, designed based on local needs, availability of construction materials and also reflecting local traditions various ways. Gently emerging accompanied by strong characteristics that appeared explicitly among context and architecture in each location, provocates us to rethink about the relation between context and location for the city nowadays “how to use the idea for vernacular as an apparatus to formulate alternative definition of characteristic to the city which is composed of modernism heritage.”

Moving onto the present; needs and traditions in our society has changed so far. Some people might consider vernacular design as too obsolete to be in everyday content, but if penetrated deeper in essence of vernacular meaning as “a relevance of local needs”, What is desired inside the society which is located in the city? Apparently, architecture is not only based on edifices, they are also concerned with human and lifestyle which possibly to differentiate by cultural and tradition in each society. For instance, cooking tools, animal sculptures for worships, stuffs in everyday life which related to activities and habitations, aggregation of those materials and rearticulation in eccentric way perchance reflected and extracted alternative identity inside the society to engender and reinterpretation on relation between “vernacular architecture and the city”.

With deliberation in synthesis characteristic, to amplified the content between vernacular and the city explicitly, initially to see city as a local, local as a landscape, landscape as a context that surrounded by human, and human also surrounded by daily objects which are consequence from human needs. All of them are relevance in each other, referring from this idea, daily objects are used to be material for finding and multiplicity characteristic in the city which generally loses identity by obsession of modernism heritage somehow.


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