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Pitchawut Virutamawongse


In the expanding city that full of new development, some vacant space has been built over, while some historical area has been erased from the map and build over by something else. Without the evidence of something that already perished from the map how can we still absorb the spiritual of the place, or how can we experience architecture that cannot be rebuild. Moreover, vernacular architectures are possibly hidden anywhere in the world that is not yet record in our database. Thus, “Glitch” is trying to achieve the goal of collecting vernacular architecture data, also context that comes with by using individual and technology.

The method of “Glitch” is to encourage individual to collect vernacular architecture’s database by daily life tool. The intellectual that receive from the same location will be record as local information. Then by gathering many of local information it will be record in larger scale as region information. The method is contributing intellectual of vernacular architecture as network system.

As an output, “Glitch” will let people experience the atmosphere of perished vernacular architecture in the area through AR system from their phone. Also, the tales or stories of each vernacular architecture communities. As design practice, the intellectual can be use as library for those interested in vernacular architecture. As conclusion, the large-scale network of vernacular architecture community that easily access is creating a chance to raise awareness of value in vernacular architecture in our society and let people appreciate vernacular architecture in their own way.


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