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Kevin Oscar

Jundi Shalahuddin Muhammad

Ahmad Dafiq Luthfi Zamzami

Bayu Kusuma Adi


Vernacular architecture that we have known till today can no longer solve problem like pollution and lack of land for living. Modern human needs a new vernacular which is able to adapt and heal the environment, growing and recycling resources, built in an integrated system, and low maintenance. Algaetecture: The Bionic Village is an architectural solution as well as an environmental critique to overcome those issues.

Using algae’s high multiplying capability and technology advancement, new self-renewal vernacular architecture is possible to be invented. Its special capability (becoming a raw material for renewable energy, cosmetics, and food supply arranged within integrated system) will results in lucrative impact for the community and environment. Especially around commonly found industrial area with high level of pollution.

This pilot project takes place in an abandoned coal mine land which is next to the coal energy plant in Batu Kajang, East Borneo, Indonesia. Algaetecture: The Bionic Village is aimed to solve two main issues : the need of place to inhabit for coal mine/ coal power plant worker as well as creating a new kind of vernacular settlement in abandoned mine land which capable of selfsustaining and healing the polluted environment from coal power plant’s carbon gas.

This project is visioned to revitalize more abandoned coal mine land in the future and integrate those to create networks of resilient communities in four main sectors which are energy, food, healthcare, and living.


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