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Lam Quek Hua

Ooi Eng Wah



Kuala Lumpur, capital city in Malaysia, has recorded nearly 200,000 cars a day using one of the main roads in the city center. In accordance to the survey by Nielson Global Survey of Automotive Demand, Malaysia is ranked third for car ownership in the world. Traffic congestions especially in the morning and evening are inevitable. Most of the people working in Kuala Lumpur has to spent average 3 hours or even more on the road commuting between their home and workplace in a single day.

We therefore conceive an idea to utilise the existing car park (2.5m x 5m) to allocate a moveable pod on top of it, where people would be able to park their car and rest inside the pod, therefore they may not need to traverse between their home and workplace everyday, meanwhile this could also mitigate the traffic congestion in the city.

The pod is same size as the existing car park. Each pod is changeable in time and being suspended on top of the car park. The pod will offer basic facilities such as sofa-bed, bathroom, desk, and cabinet to the tenant. The pod is constructed by using scraped metal. Green roof will form part of the roof surface to mitigate urban heat island effects. Translucent photovoltaic is installed on top of the roof to generate electricity for the basic usage inside the pod, besides daylight will also be able to lit up the internal space. The outer surface of this pod can be used for advertisement display in respond to the urban context.


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