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Sathaphon Ontongin


“Vernacular is not only simple but easy” , this is how we interpret out design core. Vernacular architecture is deprived from the use of local material with do-it-by-yourself house-made techniques and tools.Moreover the design thinking has been followed by routine life, whereabouts,climate , and especially users and activities. They all mattered in one crux. As u can see, those issues pinpoint functions and function pinpoints designs at the same time. On the other hand, vernacular Architecture can be percieved as a combination of natural material selection, do it by yourself strategy and happiness satisfaction level.

Nowadays in our capitalism world and socialism world ,modern architecture is deprived from the use of industrial manufacturing which have a tendency on effecting architecture form-modern, minimal and be completed in fast procedure.

From the given ideas above saying that “ Vernacular architecture is a mixed use of local material method under convenient and simple techniques and tools” In contrast to nowadays living of the Bangkoker who spends 8-10 hours a day on working, barely has spare times for any other important activities such as having breakfast before going to work, having lunch box instead of a proper lunch meal, one’s satisfaction of workaholic cureness has turned to be “ SOCIALIGNORISM”.

We brainstormed on how can we figure this socialignorism problem by starting from the inside of one’s mind. From the design thinking, we offered an idea of one using gap of time creating something new and simple or using the benefit of something existed -easy to find just to make oneself feels even more relaxed. We called it a platform of socialism perception, which is realistic to one’s own world on the other hand. It is significantly practical, easy man-made and essentially warmth to heart.


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