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Rajkumar Vaswani

Nishi Singh



Affordable housing projects are characterized by an increasing demand mainly due to urbanization. Sustainability regarding urban housing intends to develop new approaches to manage human settlements .New ideas are being sought out using traditional techniques to create something dynamic and self sustainable. It is imperative to realize the importance of socioeconomic relationship of this category and work upon it.

Vertically stacked apartments with small corridors [which may often become the interactive zone (Though not appropriate)] do not provide sufficient activity spaces. Interactive spaces is the need of the society, their lifestyle etc. spaces through which these communities live through and also become their livelihood.

Low income sector, have special configuration within the house and outside which act similarly: also known as house extensions. The spaces in front of their home, have acquired a wholesome character through multiple use and/or physical modification. The lifestyle here one deals is not at all a formal lifestyle. Group celebrations, Spontaneous interactive platforms, eye to eye contact, and spontaneous gatherings, , loud laughing, in fact there private celebrations are a part of the whole community.

The concept behind this design is to incorporate the pattern of streets in the built structure. Here, the corridor act as the horizontal streets joining various living units, with platforms/terraces acting as open spaces for social interactions and ___ there multiple usage theory.

The idea majorly revolves around the issue of socializing at the door step, concept which by default existed on the horizontal planes. These external spaces are their real lives and areas of their activities throughout the day are structured with their external spaces.


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