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Changlei Shen

Yumiao Zhang


Shanyuan village, in Shaoyuan town, Jiyuan city, Henan province, is a typical hollow village with fewer than ten old people.

Most of the existing houses in Shanyuan village are adobe and rammed earth houses built in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China,More is the abandoned state of the cliff of the adobe cave.Although the cave has the advantage of warm winter and cool summer, the problem of moisture-proof and ventilating needs to be solved in the new design.The mountain courtyard village has the beautiful scenery, the old building reconstruction, can be the student art writing base, also can be the home stay, receives the visitor.The interior space of the new building is still in the form of a cave, exposing some of the earth walls, and reproducing the kang so that people can experience the life style of that era.In design language, the past and future are expressed through the interweave of different materials.Again use of local materials in the design of, let it not only become a kind of adornment, but also a cultural symbol, under the new situation of local material use gives the soul of the new building, becomes sustainable.


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