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Cheng Shen

Daohui Liu

Yanchu Wang

Kai Luo


Its vertical to the ground distance is about 800 meters. What's the same as other cities in China, the labor force is working outside and the gap between urban and rural areas is increasing. How to rebuild the village and connect urban and rural areas becomes very important, especially for the cliff village.

In order to meet the needs of the villagers, we arranges a classroom for children to study and play, a workshop for villagers to earn income and a fire pit for villagers to meet.

Visual connection

In order to let the village be seen by cities, the site is decorated with an environmental-friendly building and the distinctive hand-made product -- Caerwa.

In consideration of social connection, we need to solve the problem of rural desertification in the process of urbanization by changing the rural industrial structure and integrating urban elements.


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