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Sijia Peng


The significance of urban renewal lies in the transformation of existing old urban areas to bring about the life style or survival tools of urban residents to the buildings, environment, shopping or travel, entertainment. But over the decades, hundreds of years later, now the present urban transformation into the so-called old town, in order to meet the requirements, to avoid large-scale demolition reconstruction, we proposed the concept of "growth".

"Growth", as in the process of industrial transformation until the finished product. In this design, the same form is used to form the effect of urban renewal. With the overlay and splicing of the grid, the user needs to change to achieve the desired effect. So that the city can continuously to the internal free update for a long time, the cities in which like parts factory in people change dynamically updated for a long time, with the passage of time according to the needs of the local natural appropriate local forms. This reduces the waste of resources and can flexibly meet the living needs of urban residents.


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