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Yun Han Jingyi Xie


In Yazd, an ancient city in Iran, there are many wind catchers for water storage. The wind came through the channel can cool the water and prevent condensation on the inside of the dome.

And now, with the development of modern architecture, the ventilation system can totally replace the function of wind tower. But the culture value of wind catcher is extremely remarkable.

We consider vernacular design as a media to memory the city and its culture. In the past, wind catcher only served as hidden functional space where people cannot actually have access to. We assume that if people could truly experience the space would leave a deeper impression of wind catcher.

The project aims to create a mediation space for local resident. Through extracting the typology of the wind catcher, we transform it to a space where people could walk in and experience the atmosphere. Different height and size of the tower could result in different situation and spatial experience.

Hope people walking in this tranquil space to sense the existence of the wind, the sound, the light and to memory their culture.


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