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Zhao Yue


This is mainly aimed at the rural empty nest old man, the young people leave their hometown to go to the city to live alone. This phenomenon is very common in the rural areas of China. There is no quiet in the countryside of young people and the old people who do not live in this environment feel lonely, and there is a sense of loss. At the same time, the houses in the countryside are also aging like the old people, and the ventilation and lighting are not good enough.

Therefore, under the condition of respecting the living behavior of the empty nest elderly in the countryside, the safety of the rural residential space is designed. The barrier of safety is to restore all kinds of difficulties in life as far as possible under the premise of ensuring the safety, so that the elderly can keep self-care ability in life, and at the same time, they can exercise the purpose of physical exercise.

I divide the whole space into two parts, family space and open space to communicate with people. In the family space, add up and down unequal terrain setting obstacles at the same time, in order to install the handrails safely and set up the barrier free slope at the same time, as far as possible to plan the "return" moving line so that the elderly can move more in space and increase some other moving lines in the space for emergency use. At the same time, the growing areas in the inner courtyard are added to keep them for cultivation and cultivation. Used to mobilize the vitality of the old. For the design of residential space transformation, considering the modern way of life, we want more children to return to the countryside to spend more time with the elderly. The rest of the seat in the open space, and the place where you can play chess, can make this place gather in more villages and reduce the sense of loneliness.


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