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Chengming Liu

Yingying Wang

Yilun Tang


The pleasant old town, with its constant loss of traditional craftsmanship and the original inhabitants - blowing in cold corners, in the empty city. With the fast development process traditional life styles are lost. We hope that, through organic renewal, in the future city, no matter how the outside world changes, there will always be an old town in the city to shelter people from the rain and attract people to enter in.

Falling rain is the most common climate in the south. This design proposal starts with the study of the most basic traditional Chinese residence patterns, purifies the characteristics of traditional rain falling from the eaves, and finds that the space created by the formation of the rain curtain is very moving, based on the exploration of the spatial prototype. The program is designed as a city memory museum in the new city. The street space that is born with the rain and the space experience that changes with the people will allow those who walk into the old city to experience the warmth of the heart and experience the lost feelings and start to integrate into the traditional life.

The structure of the building, which was just a simple framework,is changed by the rainfall. When a rain curtain pours down, and various spaces and places for roadside shopping, gaming, and chatting, appear in the world. When the rain comes down, the outdoor places are turned into a space hierarchy, layer upon layer, beyond all expectations. In such a city sanatorium, rainfall unexpectedly becomes an important element to be integrated into the building, and the rain curtain is right the key to unseal a new sanatorium pattern.


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