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Yutthakan Rasri


It’s begin when I was an intern at Phuket. I was fell in love in this city. There have a beautiful and glamorous that’s unique in Thailand. After I finished from work, I will walk, ate and always look around the old town. The most architectures was mixed between East and West cultural mode. It's pass a long time to outstanding shine until today.

Phuket contemporary art gallery is the center of art. this place have many odor of art from anywhere that you will see from architecture cultural and this's all reflected with the way of people’s life. It’s inspired from the fusion of multiple cultural that’s showed unity of people in theses cities. So I study the process about designing layout planning with Chinese cultural and all the elements of the details from Sino-Portuguese architecture into the communities.

However, the building is born in the old city seem a baby among with the old man but we try to create a building with logic and concordance with the present time but still remind to past. That’s my concept to think about a Vernacular architecture.


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