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Parit Treechadarat Tanskul Suwannakudt


Vernacular Architecture is a design that base on local need,local tradition and local material.It shown that this principle caused by the limitation of transportation,communication and technology.Nowaday we can fine a way to import the material from oversea, people from all over the world move from place to place and that make their tradition spread from city to city. That made most of the big and populated city don’t have vernacular idea or architect anymore. However in a big city low-income still living in the same method as vernacular. Our case was in Bangkok Thailand. The lack of money make finding ‘’local material’’ which is waste around them to build a house.”Local need” show in the way the stacking waste material together.That make they own tradition in slum.We define that slum is a modern vernacular in today date.We find the way to handle the way that a slum growth from horizontal to a vertical direction to prevent urban spoil and create regularity to the city. In Petchburi road their is a slum that beside abandon build so we put a slum above the building and make the main building recycle hub.


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