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Rubaiya Nasrin


A research and learning center where rural people could assemble together is ideal to spread the knowledge of appropriate technology and encourage the local craftsmen. The idea is to create a center which works on innovation, building technology and artisan development in rural areas of Bangladesh. The project would increase community self-reliance by creating skilled local builders, craftsmen and at the same time, interaction between scientific and traditional knowledge would be enhanced.

The master plan is designed to facilitate all the functions most effectively. The two entrances meet up at the central gathering space. From the center, one side directs towards the learning zone and another leads to the accommodation zone. The learning zone comprises of classroom and library enclosed with a courtyard. The other courtyard is surrounded by the dorms and dining. The overall space is organized in a chain, where the front is an open gathering space, the main functional space lies in three basic zone- learning zone, administrative zone and accommodation zone. and consists of connecting courtyards. Overall, open space and programmatic flexibility are achieved by folding screen and shaded and semi-shaded spaces are achieved by the hyperbolic paraboloid roof. This saddle roof provides bigger height and bigger span for working efficiently with materials like bamboo, mud and wood.

This approach is focused on the process rather than the product so it can ensure that the ideas and techniques stand a much better chance of spreading to the immediate and surrounding community, and eventually all over Bangladesh.

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