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Lin Yingshan

Wu Jialu

Chen Yin


The village is chosen in the fishing ground of Chagan Lake in Jilin Province, China, which is famous for its winter fishing. The design theme is the mobile fisherman cabin and its home port under the Self-organizing Theory. The main aim customer is the massive tourists and fishermen who take part in the Chagan Lake winter fishing.

The winter fishing is one of the most famous activities in this scenic spot. It is very busy from December to the next January. Most of the villagers earn a living by winter fishing. Winter fishing is popular in the north of China, but the Chagan Lake fishing ground is the only fishing ground that surviving by hand fishing. The main labor force of fishermen is horse and transportation on ice is achieved by humble homemade cabin pulled by horses.

The design uses “Self-organizing Theory” to help fishermen and tourists to process winter fishing by themselves. Considering the places of winter fishing spread out in whole Chagan Lake surface, we design to auto-changed following the change of stream of people, requirement and season during the winter fishing.

In this design, we reform the mobile fishermen cabin to enhance its capacity and functions and then to offer better service to winter fishing. In addition, a master harbor is designed to offer more functions. It will act as a distributed place of cabins by offering many services like guide, sorting and functional extension.


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