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Xu Wang, Yining Cong


This program is a graffiti art museum located in the vibrant downtown full of graffiti. With the concept of “GRAFFITI AS MEDI”, we try to make the gallery grow by itself as a vernacular architecture. The graffiti works painted by citizen are treated as a part of exhibition.Therefore, the gallery has been a media between daily life and art. rain-graffiti exhibits are clues to organize the volume. The narrow space between the volume and the graffiti wall is accessible to every passer-by.

The graffiti wall will record the events and lifestyles in the site. It can be a small ad, a poster, portrait of the Buddha, a work of student, or even a banner of political propaganda. On the wall, information about the city is smeared, copied, and covered by other information. Different ways of life fight for space on the wall.They conflict. All this are also the exhibits of the gallery. These local exhibits provides an active viewing atmosphere for the artist's work.

The walls are also the load-bearing members in the building structure. Taking the wall as clues, I organized the beams and columns. The structural design is based on the concept.


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