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Sanjay Sankar


Housing shortage is increasing day by day, the Rehabilitation of pul mitai encroachers comes with a housing prototype for these poors. The main idea is to create a habitable space throughout the changing seasons. The built module should resist summer and rainy thereby creating a habitable space for the users all time. Here simplest technical methodologies have been implemented to the whole dwelling like manually operated roof which turns upwards in summer to throw out hot air and replaces cool air by stack effect and it turns downwards during rainy seasons acts like a pitched roof , foldable frame contained mesh on facing for façade which can be folded fully or partially which acts like a breathing wall and occupies less floor space, ventilating screens etc.. Here technology is used to increase a common man’s comfort and these can be operated by a common man. The structural elements are placed and fixed in a sensitive way such that it apts for a comfortable atmosphere. Each module has an area of 28 sq.m consists of 1 bed,1 kitchen/dining, 1 common toilet in the ground floor and 1 extra space at the mid floor can be used as an extra bed space for kids. The split level concept brings a sense of privacy ,functionally segregated not aesthetically and also brings a spacious ambience inside within the limit of 28 sq.m area.

Vernacular architecture is very realistic in the sense that it is very related to day to day life of common people, it is not restricted to any specific style of architecture, no restrictions for inventions and technologies. It always deals with moulding a habitable lifestyle for people.


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