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Ahmed Ismail


One of the most significant characteristics of Vernacular orientation , that is convert the constraints into potentials, that is very clear when hear about dozen of stories in poor community and how they convert the constraints into other story full of success.Moreover in Vernacular approach usually have holistic approach, which looking for all over paradox constraints to have holistic solution for specific problem in this project is in Aswan, where Aswan is south of Egypt where poor desert community with complex constraints such long history civilization, the surrounding nature is rough and poor where yellow deadly sandy desert is common feature and here come the potential, where can use the rough sand in easiest way as structure system to solve the complex problem into sustainable solution in Vernacular vision .

Aswan is small city where 54% of the Citizens are below the poverty line while the average income less than $7 / day, where the most local people can’t afford the traditional concrete house more over the nature and weather is so rough as long hot dry season weather with temperature 45 Celsius, all this constraints make housing crisis increase and here come other voices from vernacular architecture and have other angle to solve the problem.

Vernacular voices: sandbags you can build better quality houses for less money by using absolutely ecologically sound and natural materials.

Due to the complexity of problem working with holistic concept is to provide cheapest housing solution with much better characteristics than the traditional housing system, here come sandbag structure system.

Why Sandbag:

1.Sand is totally free material, where any local citizen has access to have any quantity of sand for free.

2.With 40 centimeter wall section of sandbag structure we can have perfect insulation for the long dry season.

3.Economically using sandbag structure system can save 40% of the traditions concrete houses.

4.Ecological reason, sustainable materials, less by at least 75% of produced carbon dioxide compared to traditional construction system wit


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