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Naipaporn Buppa


The project is an inclusive framework to appropriate domestic thresholds inspired by Jaffna courtyard house of SriLanka. It's related to a specific but extremely relevant social group - Tamil war widows and their children. However, it can be open up to different appropriation such as modification throughout time. Its aesthetic and technical choices are related to the extreme complexity of the situation, proposing an intervention that is shared, cheap, ordinary, rough and soft at the same time.

Concerning with contextual issues, the project aims to improve and create different atmosphere for this group of people by supporting empowerment among war widows and able to support themselves.

The project is a collective courtyard typology where “strips” of units are intertwined and create variety of courtyards where each are functioned differently depends on the dwellers. Each strip consists of private and public spaces, where most of the privates are located on the second floor. Shared spaces, including collective kitchen, and work spaces, along with few living units are located on the ground floor in order to provide more accessibility for disabled widows. The aggregation is designed to comprising also existing trees providing shades, sense of space and material resources. Concerning with generation change, the layout plan with an open-edge of the designs will allow the aggregation to serve other type of user in the future too. For example, a typical family of the children generation as they grow up or future expansion for empowerment project. Since an objective of this project is to provide inclusivity to all dwellers, interior of the dwellings are not standardized. The kitchen counters with holders are hanging from the ceiling in order to be able to adjust. Height of children also can be apply. The interior is designed to be adjustable to serve different conditions of users, in this case, people with disability, and children.


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