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ASA International Design Competition 2022:

      From the Past to the Present, architecture is a structure that defines a space that create a way of life and refining the human spirit. It is a component of a community and a city that enables people to engage and interact in a tangible way. At the same time, virtual reality technology has expanded the boundaries of human activities beyond a physical space. We can be in different places at the same time within the same hour, minute or second. We can be ‘ourself’ in both the virtual or real worlds.

      Technology can connect humans from different corners of the world and create a new form of social interaction and society that do not rely on a physical space as much as before. It is a tool to help make our lives more convenient. However, technology itself is very complex in terms of social relations, space, and time, in which sometimes we forget that we are all living on earth together and in the same universe.

      The concept of experimental architecture may not be enough to change the way we live as much as today's technological advancements, which is increasingly affect the human way of life physically. ASA Experimental Design Competition 2022 is urging all participants to come up with an idea that are focused on practical use of space. Let's look at 'Co-Exist with Co-Area' in an era when co-working spaces are available in various forms, as well as in more different dimensions of time. It may be an architecture that connects people together; an architectural concept that makes a better city or a better society; and creating value and contemporary meaning that can be put into practice.     

      In addition to the award ceremony for winning entries, all submitted entries will be published not only in architectural field but to a wider public benefit.

1. Content

All entry should present a design proposal in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture or urban design that demonstrates how 'Co-Exist with Co-Area' can provide a solution to the problems of an existing site location anywhere in Thailand.


2. Design Response

•   Clearly defining usage/function of each space within the property; and

•   Clearly indicating the total area size of the project as well as area sizes of spaces within the property.


3. Written Explanation

•    Design Statement of 300 words maximum in Thai or English

1. General Public: Architects, Designers and General Public

2. Students: Any current full-time student studying in High School or in an Undergraduate program.

      1. Two (2) A1 portrait size poster, mounting on corrugated plastic boards. Each board must include a page number at the bottom right corner of the board. The total height of the text should be 20 millimeters.

      2. Each sheet shall be numbered in consecutive Arabic numerals and provided with a Project ID. Each ID should contain three uppercase characters and 4 numeric digits and the competition category in English (ex. ASA1234 General Public). The character and number should be 20 millimeters heigh and placed at the bottom right on the obverse side of each sheet. The participant’s name (s) must not appear anywhere on any part of each board. 

      3. All participants should submit a separate A4 size paper containing a project number; the competition category; and the participant's full name (s), age, address, telephone number, and email address—and a certified copied of identification card or passport in a sealed envelope with the Project ID on it.  

      4. The project digital files must also be submitted via WeTransfer to the email address:

            4.1 A pdf file, not exceeding 20 MB, of each A1-sized digital presentation board in PDF format with 150 dpi resolution.  The file name must contain Project No.-Page No.-the competition category, for instance ASA1234-1-GeneralPublic.

            4.2 A docx file of the narrative description.  The file name must contain Project No.-Page No.-the competition category-text, for instance ASA1234-GeneralPublic-text.

      5. The participants in the General Public category who reach the final round must submit a PowerPoint file for the final presentation to the email address: The file name must consist Project No.-the competition category-present, for instance ASA1234-GeneralPublic-present.

Entrants shall submit all requirement to:

The Committee on ASA Experimental Design Competition 2022

The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (Head Office)

248/1 Soi Soonvijai 4, Rama IX Road, Bangkapi, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10310

Tel: 0-2319-6555 Ext: 203 , 205  Mobile: 091-9814666

The submission may be made by post, carrier or hand delivery.

      1. Registration is free.

      2. Entries can be submitted as an individual or as a team. A team consists of a student and a non-student should be submitted under the General Public category.

      3. No limits on the number of submissions. In such a case, a separate project submission with a different project number would be required for each entry.

      4. The entry must be an original work, created by the participant (s), which have never been previously published, released or distributed in any form elsewhere; and must never enter into any other competition.

      5. The entry must not include any third-party copyrighted material or infringe third-party intellectual property rights.

      6. The participant (s) will retain the copyright of the submitted work.

      7, The participants must not publish, release or distribute any submitted work to the public before the announcement of the competition results.

      8. All entries that are on the finalist will be exhibited at the Architect ‘22 Expo.

      9. The decision of the Jury Panel shall be final.

      10. If an entry is deemed to violate the competition’s Terms and Conditions, the entry will be discarded. After the competition, any failure to comply with the above terms and conditions may result in expiration or termination of any prize granted, and for such a case, all awards shall be returned to the ASA.

19 April 2022

Last Day for submission. All entry should be submitted by post, carrier or hand delivery at the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage prior to 5 p.m. on the last day of this deadline.

Announcement of Award Entries

30 April 2022

Award Ceremony to be held at 18.00-19.00 hrs., Impact Arena Exhibition and Convention Center.


M.L. Varudh Varavarn



Narong Othavorn



Patcharada Inplang



Wtanya Chanvitan



Sake Simaraks



1st Prize

100,000 Bath

3 Honorable Mentions

10,000 Bath

2nd Prize

50,000 Bath

3rd Prize

30,000 Bath

1st Prize

30,000 Bath

2nd Prize

20,000 Bath

3rd Prize

10,000 Bath

3 Honorable Mentions

5,000 Bath

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