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Poon Potchanakasem


BANGKOK’s CHAN 237 “The heart of Bangkok”

Best known as the most visited city in the world and the capital city of Thailand, “Bangkok” is constantly changing, especially in the way architect design the architecture. As a young architect, the catalyst project trying to create a new type of vernacular with the existing Skywalk in the central business district where contains approximately 40,000 people in a day.

How the iconic skywalk becomes a new heart of Bangkok ?

The Location: In the central business district in Bangkok where run along with skytrain. Reasons for coming to Sathorn for foreigner are primarily to eat or sleep, with many of Bangkok’s finest hotel situated around here there are numerous world-class dining options. But for the bangkoker are not!, there are few traditional sight-seeing opportunities, the ground of Sathorn is reserved for high-rise offices, new developments apartment blocks and foreign embassies.

The problem :

1. Because it located in the business area, the problem of workaholic in Bangkok which surprisingly increase in a several year. So, have any possibility to re-design the bridge to decrease stress for people who work there ?2. Compare to the past, we have less relationship to each other and concentrate on the internet devices.

3. The design is just a normal “Skywalk” which is not specifically need to locate in this.


Theoretically, the one of the essential characteristic features of traditional Thai house relate to the terrace space but it have been designed by Thai people for the way of life with emphasis on an outdoor space.

It can be link more than one building together for the extended family. The functions mainly are receiving visitors, relaxing and organizing traditional functions for example, merit making, offering food to the monk and wedding.


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