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Kritsada Sangsuriya , Pattaradit Sritangtong



It is a way of life in the modern age to have a disruptive effect on life and way of life. Like the changes made by the trade industry, from a life-form And housing and influencing the architecture of the religious and racial influences.The way of life and architecture. Of the local formThe change to urban planning with technology and innovation. And what really affected the change? From the past to the present. "Communication technology" (TRANSPORTATION) "

The "Vernacular" is a building.

Man-made in each locality with different characteristics to the evironment. To meet that need, the form of the building may be developed.The original style to suit the lifestyle. Using construction materials available local


* The habitat is impervious to the original condition, when the

improvement of communication. Or connectors that affect the

distribution of people. People can travel faster and faster.

As a result, spend less time traveling, having more time to do things.

* Localism is a stimulus. It is the focus of the people as a point of aggregation and commerce in the local area as a variable.

The mobility of people and transportation of goods in the local area to the international level easier. Replaces the constituent

elements. The architectural design is always moving.

* Indigenous architecture in design. It comes from the use of the form of space. Existing Additional Design The connection and

continuity of the area as a "HUB" large area.


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