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Santikorn Putorn


Project THAITOON Vernacular living space

The word Thaitoon means the space beneath Vernacular Thai house. Because of the terrain and weather of Thailand. Thai house has to be raised from the ground to avoid flooding and for better ventilation. For this reason, this area is using as a living room, working space, relax and recreation area of the family.

Nowadays, people assumed that vernacular architecture is something traditional and old fashion. The Idea, creating a new perception of vernacular architecture is to blend this accent into the people’s lifestyle in the modern and trendy approach. When people start using and get familiar with, It could gradually change their perception and create a new Thai design direction.



Siam Square is well-known as a lifestyle hub in Bangkok Thailand, It could be a good opportunity to create something particular in this area. From my research, LIDO multiplex is a historic movie theatre located in the heart of Bangkok since 1968. It is one of the important Thai historic architecture. Nowadays, Lido is running as an alternative movie theatre business. Lido has planned to demolish in this year because of the shops beneath Lido are declined. For this reason, it leads me to the Idea of Thaitoon which can create a new particular space and save historic architecture at the same time.

From the inspiration of Thaitoon

-Semi-open space, ventilation

-Flexible function work, meetings, living, relax, recreation

-Thai woodworking craftsmanship

-Thai house divide space’s privacy by using the different level

I create a modular which can adjust and connect together then become a big living space and I also use Thai materials in many details. The reason is to blend Thai vernacular design into people’s lifestyle and gradually change people’s

perception and to enhance Thai design.


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